Thanatology And rocknyc

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I have been writing an overview of musicians deaths on a year by year basis, and am considering go back as far as the 1960s, even the 1950s, though maybe not further.

While it seems to some people to be disrespectful of the dead (because I grade them), once you start digging this deep it becomes something more like being a witness to nature’s relentless unleashing of nothingness to absolutely everyone.

Thanatology (the study of how people die) makes perfect sense for rocknyc because of Alyson Camus’s decade long examination and reporting on Elliott Smith’s death. That death is a strange one but music deaths, more or less, go like this:

Drug overdose

The numbers are saddenning, self-evident (t and amazing, but the “Music Deaths” doesn’t go deep at all into musicians lifes, we aren’t looking for dirt, and the assessment (my assessment) is the Greil Marcus school of death algorhythm, though not done mathematically. I just take a look at assess accordingly. The highest ratings go to pop icons like David Bowie, and young people with enormous talent like Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, and XXXtentacion. People who were just starting off.

So the next year is 2015, the years are being published every other day… until, well, until we story, maybe 2010 and maybe later…


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