Taylor Swift, Kanye West And The Election

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West CREDIT: Getty Images


On social media, almost everyone is doing his or her number to encourage people to vote, everyone pretends to be a big influencer and on National Voter Registration Day, everyone is doing a little dance, a hairdo demo, a pet trick or a makeup tutorial in order to influence people to vote.

But not everyone is Taylor Swift, not everyone has 140 M followers on Instagram! This is almost the equivalent of half of the US population, and she also has 87.1M followers on Twitter, so, actually, more than Donald Trump himself (86.2M).

She is a huge influencer, she especially has a strong impact on the young crowd, and today, she posted a short video on her Instagram story to advertise this special page she put together with a list of critical voting resources for her fans.

‘Hey guys, it’s National Voter Registration Day today. The election is Nov. 3,’ she said in a video posted this afternoon. ‘It’s really coming up.’

The special page is filled with helpful information for voters, and you can tell this is something that matters to Taylor.

I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, but she is using her fame the right way, and it’s always interesting to remember about the infamous VMAs incident, when Kanye West rudely interrupted her acceptance speech. Eleven years ago, the two stars are at opposite sides of the current battle that divides our country. If Taylor Swift is encouraging the population to follow the democratic process, Kanye West is engaged in fraudulent behavior to stay in the presidential run. According to TMZ and Vanity Fair, the rapper paid a group led by Mark Jacoby (who was arrested on voter fraud charges and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in 2008) between $3.5 million and $4.5 million to have them gather signatures on his behalf in 15 states. As a result, West won a spot in the ballot of 12 states so far. This is certainly not enough to be elected, but this is enough to give him hope for the future. Actually Kanye doesn’t have hope, he only has certitudes: he still has this fundraising page and, in an interview, he declared with his usual delusional assurance that he will be president some day.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West, two famous pop stars and two opposite attitudes. A decade later, the Swift-West rivalry and their completely different attitudes embody the current division of our country.

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