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There are hundreds of cases similar to this one, leading to convictions, proving that the legal system doesn’t get rap at all, that it doesn’t consider ‘rap as form of artistic expression’, ignoring the fact that rappers use stage names or frequent ‘metaphor and hyperbole’, never being able to separate the art from its author’s own life

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All Due Respect (feat Travis Baker) – Run The Jewels – Their best song to date and not because of the drumming but because of the harp that opens the track and leads you through one of the great original backing tracks… and the drumming – A-

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  I stayed at the main stage to see Future Islands, with its very theatrical frontman Samuel T. Herring doing grand gestures and definitively using his deep cavernous voice, going into some Yeti monster mode, as his main asset. He had tons of presence, he was jumping a lot on electronic music, tapping his chest with his fist, and dancing as if he was auditioning for some tough modern ballet,… for some reason he made me think of a more male version of Morrissey if this makes any sense. The place was super crowded and security guards were evacuating quite rudely crowd …

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