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The tiresome theory in this piece is that, blaming Courtney Love for the death of Kurt Cobain and Jennifer Chiba for the death of Elliott Smith is pure misogyny. I know his language,… people who express their skepticism are just ‘murder conspiracy theorists’ or ‘murder monomaniacs’ and he goes on and on, throwing in the text a few references to Greek mythology to make it sound more intellectual

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Over the years, rock nyc’s core convictions has remained that we don’t know what really happened that day and as long as Elliott Smith’s cause of death is left in legal limbo,we are not going to know what happened to him.Truth is justice, revenge on Chiba is not justice.

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If you read my article [search “SPIN Mr. Misery” at http://books.google.com if you would like a refresher] Alyson, you know that I literally asked, “Was it a suicide? A murder? A freak accident?” Now, I may not have answered those questions to your satisfaction but don’t accuse me of not asking. I spent a year researching what happened to Elliott. I did my due diligence and then some. And frankly, I think the results remain the most complete picture of the events leading up to Elliott’s death out there. When I say I talked to “everyone,” let me apologize for …

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