Suspect208, A New Band Of Rock Stars’ Sons

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The glorious days of the Sunset Strip are long gone but when you are the sons of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, Metallic bassist Robert Trujillo and Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland and get along fine, you may want to relive the good old times, even at the height of a pandemic.

18-year-old London Hudson (on drums), 16-year-old Tye Trujillo (on bass), 20-year-old Noah Weiland (on vocals) plus 18-year-old Niko Tsangaris on guitar have released a video filmed at the Viper room and its surrounding for their new song, ‘All Black.’ This is apparently the second single of the new superband-by-progeny, named Suspect208, as they released their first song, ‘Long-Awaited,’ last month. Tsangaris seems to be the only one not related to a rock star but his band, Classless Act, opened for Slash at the Hollywood Palladium last year.

Long-Awaited’ was a fuzzy grungy rocker with epic drumming and guitar solo around hypnotic vocals, while being a bit reminiscent of Metallica meets Guns N’ Roses meets Stone Temple Pilots – the track was even compared to Velvet Revolver’s work. Meanwhile, ‘All Black’ has a much more FM-radio-friendly indie-pop vibe. As expected, the song starts with high-energy riffs, but Noah Weiland’s vocals are this time much brighter and the entire thing exudes sheer youthful fun with a big pop hook as a chorus on repeat. Honestly, this one could even be more Best Coast than Metallica

The Suspect208 kids have some good time in the liquor stores and late-night drives on Sunset Boulevard, but the stage is obviously their element, Tye Trujillo, who looks exactly like his dad, already toured with Korn at the tender age of 12.

Now, can the band be successful just because the kids are rock & roll royalties? How many rockstar progenies have been there before?

You can download the single here.

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