Supergroup Ultraphonix’s New Album, ‘Original Human Music’

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Ultraphonix is one of these super groups born out of the ashes of other famous ones. Fronted by Corey Glover of the NYC hard rock/funk metal band Living Colour, the band also features George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) on guitar, Pancho Tomaselli (War, Philm) on bass and Chris Moore (Project NfidelikAh) on drums, and their sound has been described as bluesier and funkier than anything else any of them has done before.

The quartet has released a new album at the beginning of this month, ‘Original Human Music’, which surely has an original sound while incarnating a sophisticated brand of hard rock ‘n’ roll. The guitars can be raw and violent, or going into elaborated jazzy-prog riffs, while Glover’s dark howl soars above their metal-fueled sound of the first song ‘Baptism’. ‘Another Day’ is dark and soulful enough to make you think about something coming from an Afghan Whigs’ song, while the strong melody shines over the tough guitars, then they aggressively turn to revolution with the metal-punk of  ‘Walk Run Crawl’ and mad solo guitars. If the tone of the beginning of the album is walking on the dark side with an unapologetic toughness, it brings the listener into with many escapades in genres from funk, metal and jazz, and the band widened its range with the acoustic guitar-driven ‘Heart Full of Rain’ and the dub-sound of ‘Free’.

Through the course of 12 songs, the album vibrates at the sound of Corey Glover’s iconic voice, a soulful and passionate organ grabbing your immediate attention, combined with George Lynch’s unique guitar style, and back up by a very tight rhythm section. All together, they are transgressing genres and effortlessly blending jazz, hard rock and funk into metal riffs. Even though the album will probably be put in the metal category, it’s a loud and adventurous work, which escapes any classification but rather fusions genres to better serve Corey’s social conscious lyrics beating at the sound of the band’s hybrid wall of sound. Whether you will end up calling Ultraphonix, jazz-metal, funky hard-rock, or soul progressive rock, the entire album is at the image of the title of their last song, a ‘Power Trip’

Pre-order the debut album “Original Human Music” here now!

The album is be available on CD, Vinyl, or as Digital download since August 3rd, and listen to ‘Walk Run Crawl’ below:



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