Supergroup Muzz, Featuring Paul Banks, Shares A Live Stream Of ‘Bad Feeling,’ A Song From Their Upcoming Debut Album

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Supergroup Muzz

Supergroup Muzz’s upcoming album


Some people have been paralyzed at home for weeks due to the coronavirus crisis, other ones are still stuck at home but are creating music. There is a new supergroup called Muzz out there, composing new tunes and playing via zoom connection between Edinburgh, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia.

Supergroup Muzz is formed of Interpol’s Paul Banks, Matt Barrick (drummer of Jonathan Fire Eater, The Walkmen, and Fleet Foxes’ touring band), and multi-instrumentalist, producer and member of Bonny Light Horseman Josh Kaufman,… I hadn’t realized that they have already released three songs.

The last one in date is ‘Bad Feeling,’ an acoustic track just posted on YouTube on Wednesday, with a melancholic guitar, subtle percussion, and discreet keyboard building a real hook for Banks’ familiar vocals. It will bring a nostalgic mood for your quarantine, and the cutest part of the video, that the three men made with their iPhones, is probably the little girl quietly playing in the background of Josh Kaufman’s Brooklyn apartment.

‘Finding a place where we met aesthetically was really cool, especially at this point in our lives,’ said Kaufman, ‘I’m not surprised that Paul and I are in a band together after all these years; what I am surprised by is that my favorite drummer is the guy who brought us back together to make music. He’s this rare rock drummer who came out of the D.C. hardcore/ska scene and swings like a jazz drummer. Matt was the magnet.’ Banks and Kaufman have known each other since childhood and through high school and they have since collaborated on various projects so that you can feel the chemistry between the two men.

The two previous tracks they shared, ‘Broken Tambourine’ in March and ‘Red Western Sky’ in April, are full-bloomed videos with very different styles. ‘Broken Tambourine’ is a moving cinematic track exhuming beauty and sadness with sparse keys while the music and the images evoke pure isolation. Banks’ voice has sincere Bowie-sque intonation without losing its own identity and of course images of this solitary Major Tom help to build this same emotion. ‘Red Western Sky’ manages to be much more upbeat with a sort of the National vibe, and a chorus very unlike anything Interpol has ever done, while the colorful video was filmed in a sort of Loony Tunes warehouse, the American Treasure Tour Museum, that gathers an insane collection of Americana memorabilia and circus stuff.

Banks said that the lyrics of the album are ‘more a compilation of vignettes than a cohesive whole’, while ‘musings on mental health in general.’ ‘There’s a lot on there about depression, coming through depression, and the impact of problems of mental health on a life,’ said Banks. ‘That can manifest itself in different ways and to different degrees, and I guess the record touches on the thread of self-analysis.’

Kaufman added: ‘We’re living in a time where that’s the elephant in the room a lot of the time. What’s beautiful about the way Paul went at it is that none of it is preachy. It just makes the songs deeper and more relatable.’

The three songs and nine other ones will be on the self-titled debut album of supergroup Muzz, which will be released via Matador on June 5th. And you can already pre-order it here:

Here is the tracklist:

‘Bad Feeling’
‘Red Western Sky
‘Everything Like It Used To Be’
‘Broken Tambourine’
‘Chubby Checker’
‘How Many Days’
‘Summer Love’
‘All Is Dead To Me’

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