Super Bowl LIII from Mercedes-Benz Stadium Pepsi Half Time Show, Sunday, February 3rd, 2019, Reviewed

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Maroon 5, Superbowl, 2019


Yes, we got Spongebob during an “intermission” two minutes into Maroon 5’s  interminable 13 minute set at Super Bowl LIII, this ending even the slightest suspense on this abysmal MOR outing by Maroon 5 with the song, sampled by Travis Scott last year, segued into the briefest of cameo’s by Travis Scott . Later we also got Big Boi for a couple of minutes, represententing Atlanta and also representing Travis, whom Big Boi’s manager discovered.

Good For Travis, less good for the love that dare not call its name: Colin Kaepernick. Blackballed from the NFL for taking the knee, Colin should sue the owners till they’re puss. I can’t see any excuse for performing till Colin is reinstated, let them go get Mike Love, it’s all they deserve. It was a weasel move by the NFL,  and only a weasel, like Adam Levine would do it, Big Boi is simply an opportunist and Travis made a dumb move, but they are black and have more room to maneuver than the cultural appropriating M5 ever have.

As for the show, much like the boring, defensive game itself (the Pats lead the Rams  3 – 0 at half time), the thrill is gone. Remember the golden age of halftime shows? Give or take,  from Michael Jackson in 1993 through Bruce Springsteen in 2009. In those days a rock band would tour every five years or so instead of the annual road trips we seem to get now, and these greatest hits packages had a real use and an importance for people who couldn’t see them. Indeed, the internet and youtube for consistent viewing at will really kicked in mid to late 00s, and for the Halftime Show you were left you to view it live or lose it, so the numbers were sky high. That hasn’t been true in a long time, and it certainly wasn’t true tonight, where Adam, stripped to his jeans and with California tattooed across his stomach lead Maroon 5 to the sort of pre-taped shenanigans they pull off every night on tour. “Harder To Breath” and “This Love” maybe many things, but the only people it’s the sound of is the Pepsi Generation. Travis Scott was fun on a fiery (literally, all over the damn place), “Sicko Mode,” so far I wasn’t engrossed but I wasn’t bored either but neither “Girls Like You” (which missed Cardi B) and the sort of “She Will Be Loved” they’ve performed every night since 2002, when it changed their lives, weren’t strong enough (out of six songs, 3 of them was from M5’s debut album). And now it is dragging. Big Boi represented ATL, though I’ve never bought him live, not even with the Outkasts (he performed an Outkasts song) and he went a long way for very, very little.

Maroon 5 ended with “Sugar” and “Moves Like Jagger,” for a harmless, shruggable, death of the real rock star 13 minutes of M5 killed by the scale. I don’t know what the NFL can do, right this second only Ariana Grande and Kenny Chesney together is big enough. And nobody is talking to them.  Perhaps, maybe, it is time for the Super Bowl to knock off a pure music middle and maybe do something like this: “Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye” featuring Tony Bennett, Patti LaBelle, Arturo Sandoval, the Miami Sound Machine and stunts including fire and skydivers. Finale included audience participation with light sticks.” I said like not exactly, that’s what they did in 1995.

Grade: C


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