Sting Charity Gig With Bruce and, GASP, THE EURYTHMICS

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Sure, the line up looks good, and the Beacon Theatre is small. VIP tickets are going for $1K and up, and the rest go on sale on Friday, November 1st. Olus, saving the rainforest? A good cause…

And does it look really REALLY good? Bruce Blah, Sting, please no god, James Taylor -big fucking get, Bob Geldof played T5 last year, and over all I can’t say I’m thrilled.


H.E.R. is major and the Eurthymics is even more major than that. It is because of the Eurythmics I am seriously considering catching the show.  But how much are you really going to get from them? One song? Five?

Anyway, the gig is December 1st and if you wanna shell out big bucks email em at



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