Steel Panther Just Played Three Packed Concerts In Florida – Joined On Stage By NSYNC’s Joey Fatone

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Steel Panther

Steel Panther with NSYNC’s Joey Fatone


Live shows stopped 9 months ago, we haven’t been to a show since March, and if you are missing concerts, think about all the musicians and people working in the concert industry. Many have lost their jobs, and nobody knows exactly when we are going to be back to normal. The most optimistic ones think summer-fall 2021, but the situation is so fragile and unpredictable that this is way too early to be certain of anything: plenty of big 2021 tours have been completely canceled and not even postponed. Every scientist agrees that the better we behave right now (staying home as much as possible, using masks, and practicing social distancing when outside), the sooner we can get back to normal. But this is obviously not understood by plenty of people and the moron award goes to Florida (once again) and especially to the band Steel Panther, who just played a series of shows in the sunshine state.

The hair-metal-parody band reached a summit of their career last week, when they played in Orlando last Thursday, St. Petersburg last Friday, and Fort Myers last Saturday, in front of packed venues.

MetalSucks reported about the shows, with photos showing people maskless, and not practicing any physical distancing. The Ace Cafe in Orlando posted about the event on their Facebook page, claiming masks would be provided at the entrance, but looking at pictures like this one or this one, this was obviously not the case. I bet this cafe has live entertainment every night, this is Florida after all, and they are actually announcing The Expendables on February 4, Everclear on February 6 on their page… Florida doesn’t live in the same mental dimension as the rest of us.

The band Black Stone Cherry opened the event, some special guests joined Steel Panther for a song: Fozzy frontman and pro-wrestler Chris Jericho in St. Petersburg and Joey Fatone, a former member of the boyband NSYNC in Orlando. Imagine, having been part of one of the most successful boybands of the ‘90s and joining a has-been hair-metal band on stage for a super spreading event? What a bad joke.

Needless to say, Florida has now 1.2 M cases, more than 10,000 new COVID-19 cases every day, and more than 20,000 deaths. In the metal community, the comments went from the usual covidiotic jargon, ‘We are not sheep, we can’t live in fear, and we can do whatever we want,’… ‘Sorry we Floridians refuse to hide from this bullshit virus. We were at the St. Petersburg show last night and jammed to @Steel_Panther with a sold-out crowd and it was amazing! Thanks to Chris Jerrico for kicking things up a notch!‘… to common sense ‘The rock community should be speaking out against this irresponsible behavior by #steelpanther because this is the reason nobody can tour right now….ignorant behavior.’ Amen to this last one.

The very sad part of the story is that people are so desperate for a live show that a band as mediocre as Steel Panther can pack three shows in a row. But you need to be a special kind of irresponsible asshole to make money off reckless fans hungry for live-action!

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