Spotify’s Top Ten Songs As Of 3am June 17th, 2020, Reviewed

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1 – ROCKSTAR (feat. Roddy Ricch) – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch – between the ooohs, the beats, and the guitar hook it is a catchy song even if the storyline, a “nigga rockstar” did it his way with a gun on his hip and a green lamborghini in his driveway, it is a typical piece of self-love though DaBaby’s claim nobody helped him on the way up makes sense of black capitalism self-involvement. There is a BLM remix with a new verse, and still DaBaby can’t really see past himself emotional. But the sound is morose, and not at odds with the horrors. In other words, this is where hip hop is at – A-

2 – Party Girl – StaySolidRocky – This another way it all goes down. Darak Figueroa (aka StaySolidRocky)  is a nineteen year old rapper from Virginia, he self-recorded the Soundcloud song, posted it October 2019, and then made his own video and it hit big. Columbia Records signed him and re released “Party Girl” and it hit. The girl he is singing about is completely magical and a complete badass so, as opposed to say DaBaby, he isn’t banging his own drum but tributing the woman:

They say you ain’t wifey type but I don’t care, I want you (whoa, whoa)
She like to do drugs too
She in love with guns too (whoa, whoa)
They say you too piped up but I think that I love you

That’s a rare sensitivity – B+

3 – Blinding Lights – The Weeknd –  Here is a reason why I am not rich, I could have sworn Abel’s Elton John sampled “Scared To Live” was the biggest song on After Hours – The Weeknd pursuing a woman on an all night break up, his performance on SNL was excellent. It ended up being this synth pop 80s exercise, a beauty as well of course – A-

4 – Blueberry Faygo – Lil Mosey – everything about this is essense of modern times, everything about it is how it is done. First, it was stolen and copied and streamed millions of times by frauds, then it got held up by copyright, finally dropped in February, a trapbased nursery rhyme of mayhem. Lil Mosey, who looks like a young teen, is vicious and violent but unaffected  – B

5 – THE SCOTTS – THE SCOTTS, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi -is there anyone saw Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi) perform “Pursuit Of Happiness” on Letterman in 2009 that didn’t hear the heralding of emo rap? Didn’t hear another aspect of Kanye’s 808s And Heartbreaks morphing? It was huge and if Cudi didn’t have a breakdown, who knows what would have happened. Here is Travis Scott -who was deeply influenced by Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo,  with Cudi and together they are a beautiful tracking orchestra behind them and trade verses – B+

6 – WHATS POPPIN – Jack Harlow – The Louisville rapper Harlow is brand new and around for 5 years, this is the song that broke him and it uses the title to rhyme tn the beat with the addition of two word rhymes at the end of verses, it is an addictive hook – B

7 – The Bigger Picture – Lil Baby  – modern hip hop is too self obsessed to be a natural for protest music; take a listen to DaBaby’s verse on the BLM remix of “Rockstar” -he can’t think of anything beyond himself. Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture,” the video was filmed during an LA protest, is an exception an observant and horrified take with lived in bars like:

I find it crazy the police’ll shoot you and know that you dead, but still tell you to freeze
Fucked up, I seen what I seen
I guess that mean hold him down if he say he can’t breathe
It’s too many mothers that’s grieving
They killing us for no reason

The best protest song around – A-

8 – Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles –  Harry’s third smash hit off his sophomore album and it puts to bed One Direction leaving him the Justin Timberlake of the band. Of the three this is worse, a pop, Timberlake 2005 type  indie funk rock workout. But what makes it is a  video dedicated to touching, of which there is a lot on this sex charged video and song – B

9 – The Box – Roddy Ricch – That “ee ooh” hook is money in the bank and lead to it exploding on Tik Tok and making Roddy the next in line to follow Lil Nas X up the charts with impunity! It tweaks and turns with a clipped up, staccato rap that step by step, essentially puts your foot on the ground and moves it in time to the music – B

10 – Toosie Slide – Drake – Another simple dance step that Drake made for the sole purpose of getting on Tik Tok, which it did of course, it exploded. And it is a good song and Drake is completely charming dancing alone in his mansion. For awhile it was the song of the Coronavirus, but it didn’t have the legs you’d expect from Drake – B+


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