Spotify Top 6M Subscribers: The Future Is Coming

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One of these days, and it won’t take long, Spotify will usurp Itunes position in the world of music downloading.

The subscription service has contracts with all the major labels in Europe and have topped 6M subscribers -15% paid. They are valued at over $1B.

The argument, which rock nyc partner Joseph Mcelroy was just discussing with me, is that for an occasional record buyer such as himself, there is no justification for a $20 a month subscription service for music.

I see his point and if you only buy, say, an album a month, thn the $5 you save might mean something.


If you have any real interest in music, this is a get out of jail free card.

Imagine somebody said, $20 to see any movie you want a month. Great deal right? This is that but this is also any record ever rcorded, just about, at your fingertips and you can take it with you. It isn’t streaming. It is a moveable feast.

The mind boggles. You can get the new Paul Simon, the new Wiz Khalifa, every album released every week. The entire album. And not be concerned with being hosed.

This is, of course, the napster end game.

In the end, the record labels can not control file swapping. Since they can’t control it, they might as well cash in on it.

The result is spotify.

I am guessing Apple have some form of counter attack readying (their multiple users was a lamer than lame response) , if Apple don’t they will have a problem once consumers get used to a subscription service with the power of spotify.

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