Spin And Stereogum Are Liars

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I understand that business is, as always, business, and if major pop artists choose to perform t Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival they can expect an easy ride of it, and anyway, perhaps Billboard was leaving the serious criticism to sister websites Spin and Stereogum, and if it was only in Billboard maybe you give them the benefit of the date. What is inexcusable is the pack of lies Spin Magazine printed (here)  yesterday about Gucci mane’s dreadful set.

To be crystal clear, the following paragraph written by Billboard’s Dan Rhys is a lie: “He got a bit of a late start — letting the aforementioned DJ set cover the first 15 minutes of his allotted time — but it didn’t come at the expense of his run time, as Gucci barely let a breath squeeze in between each track, moving seamlessly on to the next each time.” It was a twenty minute DJ set, and Gucci left ten minutes before his allocated end time, which makes it a 30 minute set in a one hour timeslot. Forget that it was terrible for just a moment, forget that he was rapping to backing rap tracks and was terrible, all he did was shout, Ski Mask The Slut God was better, he didn’t perform for his hour.. he performed half it. And his lack of conversing with the audience hardly makes up for the time squandered by this thief and his enablers at Spin.

I have long felt that Billboard’s reviews were not be believed (here). In 2015 I wrote “What is with this institutionalized lying? It is a little on the unseemly side, especially for a website whose job is to give a fair counting of sales. Perhaps, and I’m just saying here, it has something to do with their advertisers here? Why bite the hand that feeds you?” I went through 60 reviews before reaching a negative one. The guys are not being honest. And now it has infected the two music websites they bought, Stereogum and Spin, you can’t trust either of them. They are both on the payroll now, and what little trust you had in either publication kiss off the way Rolling Stone fellates Wenner’s friends and Pitchfork kiss up to people who play their festivals, Spin and Stereogum will climb into bed with Top 10 artists. Meanwhile, you have read the Gucci Mane review and decided to see him live, little knowing he was terrible.


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