Speed Of Light’s Debut Video And Single To Be Released On September 25th

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Speed Of Light's Debut Video

Speed Of Light


I have followed Speed of Light (SOL for the initiated) since the beginning, I have seen them many times in concert and they have never disappointed. The three siblings channel hard rock giants with Cameron’s bold ’70s-inspired guitar riffs, Tyler’s thundering drums, and younger sister Riley’s amazing metal-banshee howl. Inspired by everything from ’70s Punk to Desert Rock, they always put the room on fire as if they were on a mission to save rock & roll, and despite being teenagers, they have already rocked the SoCal area and beyond with their original sound, carving their own path with no apologies, and nothing but an open road ahead.

Here is what people (including me) have said about their powerhouse shows:

“The punk music they create is inspired by the legendary bands of the past, but these teenagers are taking us with them into the future” – California Rocker

“They play with such reckless abandon, which has me truly believing rock and roll ain’t dead. These kids are keeping it alive!” – Derrick lee, Blurred Culture

“This is the band you need to know. Speed of Light plays the kind of furious, loud rock ’n’ roll channeling the sweaty side of Detroit that gets me out of the house on any night.” – Alyson Camus, Rock NYC

“SoL smashes out shameless firebrand old school rock and roll with skill and guts and style.” – L.A. photographer, Shitshow Dave

With almost three years of live shows under their belt, they’re finally unleashing their first official single and video. ‘Break’ was recorded and filmed LIVE in a recording studio with a riotous live audience just before COVID put a long pause to live shows. Engrossed in the vivacious energy of playing hard-hitting garage rock with a heavy side of punk rock, it’s clear why Speed of Light are one of the reasons why you attend a show in Los Angeles.

Each song they write is a full collaboration between the siblings. ‘Break’ was written because, ‘Tyler is a bit of a klutz,’ Riley teased. ‘He breaks everything he touches.’

In addition to being the house band for Echo Park’s popular ‘Bands In A Barbershop,’ they’ve had a monthly residency at The Redwood Bar in downtown Los Angeles since 2018, and have played at Nevada’s Alienstock festival outside of Area 51, as well as performed for the Wonderama TV show in New York City.

Speed of Light’s debut video and single is set to release on September 25th on all streaming platforms.

Catch their virtual performance at the 10th Anniversary Echo Park Rising on September 26th at Bands in a Barbershop and follow them on social media

Speed Of Light's Debut Video

Speed Of Light

Watch Speed of Light’s debut video: ‘Break’


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