Songs That Suck: Paula Cole "Where have all the cowboys gone"

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There are very few songs that will take me from mild mannered girl to growling pit bull, this is one of them.  This is one of the most fucked up songs in the history of recorded music. 

First, musically its boring and bland, the pathetic monolog prelude is enough to make me swallow glass but add that to the shrieking " I am wearing my new dress tonight" and that's it I'm getting a crowbar and smashing the hell out of my stereo.  This song is every sad ass woman's whimper.

A man who will pay the bills and drink a beer while they do the dishes.  This is by far one of the biggest woman traps of all time. See a broad will tell you that's what she wants but when a guy doesn't do the dishes she bitches like a fish wife and ends up slamming doors.  You do this, she says you dont pay enough attention to her and boom youre screwed.

I will keep my 'woman's lib' thoughts out of this but I will say that there is a lot to be said for a woman to shut the hell up and make a sandwich.  What bothers me here is what exactly is Miss (cuz its without a doubt she is alone) Coles prize?  Does she have a man currently who washes dishes and plays with the kids?  What the hell is she talking about? 

This song is false advertising for the Leave It To Beaver set, cuz I can tell you right now I have encountered this type of woman and even if you pay all the bills and look like John Wayne shes still going to bitch that you didn't notice she used a new laundry soap.  Basically in this song Cole states she wants to spit out babies and wash the floor with nothing in return but being told her dress is nice.  But shes so hurt cuz her man is at the bar having a beer.  Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't.

This song is a great time stamp of the 90's, when women were sick of working and wanting to sit on expanding asses and watch The Rosie O'Donnell show or Oprah. I have to say the interpretive dance done in the video is almost as hilarious as the lyrics themselves.

Where is Paula Cole now?   Wait don't tell me, I dont care.

Even Cowboys are offended by this pathetic song.  Where have they gone?  They're hiding from women like Paula Cole.

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