Going Steady: New Singles 10-23-15 – 10-29-15

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Sorry – Justin Bieber – “Is it too late now to say sorry because I’m missing more than your body…” only not as bad as that makes it sound, a clever leg kicking conga, with Skrillex providing a really addictive track, you can’t count the hooks from the always apologetic former bad boy, though that one drum double time beat is the killer – B

Lost And Found – Ellie Goulding – Teeny, tin-y minor league pop by numbers – C

Almighty Dollar – Pell – Chance The Rapper soundalike from New Orleans, apparently it is called “Dream Rap” but not as easy going as that suggests – B-

Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! At The Disco – Sounds like Fall Out Boy, something they never stooped to before – C-

All My Friends – Snakehips, Tinashe, Chance The Rapper – Now this sounds like “dream rap”. Nice hook by Tinanshe and a feel good chorus like CCM if CCM was awesome. First rate – A-

Solid – Ty Dollar Sign – Featuring, er, Babyface? Pretty good mainstream r&b hip hop style – B


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