SohoJohnny And I Visit Live With Tia’s “The Chic Radio Show”

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The months have turned to weeks and we can now count down the hours till the “Classic Summer Disco EXTRAVAGANZA!” on Saturday, August 10th, 2019, an all day and night party with both a daytime BBQ and an Evening Dinner Buffet and twenty of the top names in disco performing live on stage, including Tavares, Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, Heatwave and on and on and on. SohoJohnny Pasquale is my partner in, and my good friend, and it has been thrilling watching his once exuberance and joy in music manifest in an unbelievable production, fall into place. I’ve gone with SohoJohnny to two interviews, spreading the word for both the show and also for The first time was on “Date Night With Connie And Chrissy” (here) back in early July and last night was “The Chic Radio Show,” which streamed live video on Facebook with Tia Maria Montemurro.

The differences are telling. Connie and Chrissy are fun time funny gals and a sense of humor and pinky blue pleasure overwhelming, However, Tia, like SohoJohnny, is a real estate person, but she also manages Coliseum Night Club in White Plains, New York, and promotes concerts of unwavering quality. Tia is, over and above being a beautiful and friendly person, a complete businesswoman, and during the hour long interview, navigated the evening with effortless professionalism and ease.

When you get involved in SohoJohnny’s world, you consistently find yourself meeting his extended family, friends that go back a generation, who have known each forever, and so it is with Tia. At the Time Hyack, a lovely, boutique hotel, SohoJohnny and Tia greet each other as old friends, and from the start, a discussion of his roots South Of Houston, it is clear that Tia can use her inside dope to fill out the picture as to who Pasquale is and why he is doing so much for a cause, while selling tickets so inexpensively ($48 -I mean, really?). Pasquale is quiet, compared to me for one, he speaks in almost dulcet tones of his love for disco, beginning his career promoting shows in his parents garage, and also his love for his late father (who died of cancer: it is no coincidence that portions of proceeds from the concert are being allocated for the American Cancer Society -just like last year where the society were a very visible presence) and his mother, who promises to make an appearance.

If you weren’t at last years’s Italian Center Of Stamford Disco Extravaganza you might not grasp how the largeness of the event and the intimacy of the event go hand in hand, SohoJohnny called Tia his sister after the event, a sort of reverse Henry V: For he today that parties with me shall be my brother or sister… A forging in a return of a time so long past, for a great cause to last all day and all night among people you might not know but are, now, your brother and sister. Tia absolutely got this, and it is what Johnny has been expressing in so many words, that this, “mini live aid” is about the closeness of families in a music that will never do less than burnish our youth. Deney Terrio -who taught John Travolta how to dance for “Saturday Night Fever,” will be the co-host.

Tia is a lovely host, in a bright yellow, black, and white dress that seemed to exist to highlight her light blue eyes, she looked like a Spring day, and SohoJohnny looked like Johnny Cool -a Miami Viceness vibe without the arrogance. In a quiet corner of The Time Hyack, August 10th was in the air and the thrill of going back, once again, to the disco nights when we were all so young was something almost tangible. We’ve all grown up, we have made it, and now we’re bringing our children and children’s children to share a time when hedonism was defined as sharing. And if you want  to watch the interview we were taping, it is here and  you will see what I mean.

It’s not to late you know, get your tickets here.


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