SohoJohnny Presents: The Clairvoyants Ridgefield Playhouse June 8th, 2018

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This young attractive couple really got their act together. They were catapulted by America’s Got Talent and really got me bewildered.
The show was based on mind reading, of course, but not of personal peoples lives. Rather it was being blindfolded and knowing the serial number on a dollar bill in someone’s pocket.

It was knowing the numbers on a lotto ticket that was hidden on stage from the beginning and throwing 7 beach balls into the audience and those people that came up to stage to pick a number themselves to later prove to be matched up.  It was impossible to me even if everyone in audience was planted. Some stunts were just impossible.

When Amélie Ten was blindfolded on stage and Thommy Ten went through room asking audience members to share the contents of their pockets, I was guessing that somehow they had an ocular implant with Bluetooth to communicate!

But whether that or hidden cameras and microphones everywhere, I honestly still could not see how the surveillance could have been done for such small items for every scenario. The random choice of audience participants was not preset.

Bravo to these two!
Very flowing and skilled performance regardless of any sleight of hand.

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