So How Big Is Bruce Springsteen Farm Again? Compare It To Central Park

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This is Central Park. An 843 acre oasis in the middle of nyc. Over 37 million people visit it a year.

 Bruce Springsteen's farm is a quarter this size, 200 acres. Nobody comes to visit it as he leaves it as a play thing for his daughter and some "green" farmer (for the write off I would guess). Springsteen pays $5,000 a year for it.

How does Springsteen, friend to the poor, feel about this? I mean, it is legal. So maybe he feels like saying, "hey guys, it is legal so suck my dick". Maybe he sees no difference between playing Farm Aid and hording farm land.

Springsteen is, to my mind, our greatest living live performer.

He is awful a hypocritical, two faced liar and whose only knowledge of the working class is when they are opening the door to his limo or he is thanking them for coming to his show.

He is an embarrassment.

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