Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Album Releases 3-19-21 – 3-25-21

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Bell Orchestre, House Music

Chad VanGaalen ,World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener

Ghost Of Vroom, Ghost Of Vroom 1 [Mike Doughty & Andrew “Scrap” Livingston]

Jane Inc., Number One [Debut solo LP of U.S. Girls’ Carlyn Bezic]

John Dwyer. Endless Garbage

Justin Bieber, Justice – the gooey MOR that is Bieber today is getting a little samey

Lana Del Rey , Chemtrails Over the Country Club – I wouldn’t claim Lana is passed it but I will claim this won’t be as good as Norman Fucking Rockwell

Lo Talker A Comedy Of Errors

Loretta Lynn, Still Woman Enough – let’s hope she sends us back to fist city

Middle Kids, Today We’re The Greatest

Ringo Starr, Zoom In – longevity matters (Starr has been solo since 1970) and so does skills of which he has run out

Serj Tankian, Elasticity – the Beirut born System guy is always very welcome and the title track, released in February, is great -MOST ANTICIPATED OF THE WEEK

Special Request, DJ​-​Kicks

Sting,  Duets – from the kill me now department…

Ultravox, Live At The Rainbow – February 1977 – kudos to the Voxies, I couldn’t stand em but time has mellowed me

Wye Oak, The Knot




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