Singles Going Steady: Week Of March 30th, 2015

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Dream Lover – The Vaccines – The band behind the excellent “Post Break Up Sex” are back and the song is a thumping riff but without the prerequisite melodic buzz. It is like when your teen friend grows up and becomes a complete pain in the neck. This is a bluesy disappointment – C

I Don’t Like It, I Love It – Flo Rida – Hand it to Mr. Rida, at least he is willing to the most hated pop star over 21, Robin Thicke, Unfortunately, it is a bit of a bore and won’t do the job – C

Yoga – Janelle Monae – Always a pleasure to hear from Janelle, except on this ordinary little dance track, and the “I’m my own private dancer”  isn’t as funny as it should. It sounds like Madonna and not the good Madonna – B-

Temporary Love – Elephante – Apparently, it is the week of the sophomore jinx… cookie cutter dance with a sweet vocal – C+

The Jean Genie – Scott Weiland – It is not quite that this is a terrible terrible cover, it is that it is an enormously pointless cover, it is kinda weird to play a song about Jean Genet like a hard rocker alpha male – C

Spring (Among The Living) – My Morning Jacket – This starts like a lovely pastoral track and then gets weird and bluesy while the lick remains constant… better than the last song – B


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