Singles Going Steady: Week of April 13th, 2015

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So Many Pros – Snoop Dogg – Dogg has been navigating the difference between rap, hip hop and dance for years now and this song, though this is as indistinctive as Snoop ever sounds, it’s good but a touch generic – B

Still Want You – Brandon flowers – You know, this is kinda funny. It sounds so weird, it’s like a nursery rhyme pop dance track cum feel good anthem. I should hate it I know but… the chorus is so catchy – B-

Feeling OK – Best Coast – Third song off the upcoming album, and really, don’t we get the point by now? At some time her ongoing depression is so boring, she hasn’t even really depressed. She is just bland and meh and going through the motions. For years on end. It’s not significantly worse than anything else… still, it is like when you have a friend who always complains about their boyfriend… after awhile you’re like “for godssake knock it off” – B

For Everybody – Juicy Jay, Wiz Khalifa – Please please please, don’t let this irritating crap be a hit. Sample lyric “Funny thing is I fell in love with a stripper, funnier thing I fell out of love quicker.” That joke isn’t funny anymore – D+

M$ – A$AP Rocky – Sure I like the A$AP crew, but lyrically this is just lousy – C+

Darker Than Blood – Steve Aoki, Linkin Park – The bloke from Benihana and the blokes from the crevice of rock all come together on this atrocious song – D


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