Singles Going Steady: New Song Releases 7-31 0 8-6-15

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Drag Me Down – One Direction – I’d like to drag em down, what the hell is this? 1D should know better than to start album # 5 with this ordinary soul rock piece of product when we want is a nice piece of sugary power pop like “Steal My Girl”. I mean, this is not acceptable – C

Stare – Prince – A by the number funk work out, nearly exactly what I expected “Baltimore” to be. It is actually quite good for what it is, the bass really rides the song – B

Nothing Left – Kygo – I know this EDM MOR mash up ala Avicii via Calvin is still popular but it will stop being popular because it is terrible, as is this dross – D

Hotline Bling – Drake – A remix of a D.R.A.M. and written for an ex-girlfriend, this sounds freestyles and about now Drake has gone to the well once too often, not a terrible melody but the song feels half formed – C+

Restless – New Order – They lost a whole lotta brownie points with me after the godawful Roseland gig a coupla years ago and this Hot Chip like dance track won’t change this in the slightest – C

Huntin, Fishin’ And Lovin’ Every Day – Luke Bryan – I’d like to roll him out of the forest and off a cliff – D

28 Thousand Days- Alicia Key – Plodding funk work out though she has certainly given us worse – C+

The Healing – Gary Clark Jr – A good friend of mine has been telling me Clark is overrated for years, but I’ve stooped up for him because every time I have seen him on stage I’ve been astonished. On record is another thing entirely, and this overwritten crap is yet more proof he should spend his life covering his betters on stage – C

We Don’t Run – Bon Jovi – Terrible hard rocker with one of those patented choruses – D



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