Singles Going Steady: New single realeses Week Of January 19th, 2015

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Actin Crazy – Action Bronson – This guy can really rap and he is one of those guys that get themselves into some sort of zone and here he seems in it but the beats are kinda weak – B

Chains – The Airborne Toxic Even – They’re back and they haven’t changed much – D+

Coyotes – Modest Mouse – As bland as humanly possible, this plodder promises nothing much from the next one – C

That’s My Shit – The-Dream, T.I. – Remember when this sure sounded like a major jam. It is amazing, not T.I., who has been iffy since he got out of jail, but The-Dream who I always pegged as a big time player this decade – B-

Wait for Life – Emilie Hayne, Lana Del Rey – Gorgeous song, a slow burning ballad that seems to shimmer in your ear and Lana really has a haunting voice: it’s like she is constantly in a mood over something or the other and here she has a song to suit it well – A-

Worth It – Fifth Harmony, Kid Ink – The intro is spectacular and the rap is smart, less crazy about the singing – B

Fucked Up Kids – Hit The Lights – Full on pop punk as taught by Green Day – B

Like A Hott Boyy – Kid Ink – Tattooed love boy, nice backing track – B-

I Don’t Want To Let You Down – Sharon Von Etten – I swear all these new hip chicks would be at Lilith fair 10 years ago – C

Greek Tragedy – The Wombats – Yeah, it is kinda sad. This isn’t bad but it isn’t much either – C+



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