"Shut The Front Door(Too Young For This)", Forever The Sickest Kid, Video Review

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Forever The Sickest Kids released a music video for their song "Shut The Front Door(Too Young For This)".

Either my taste in music has changed exponentially…or they suck.

I don't know what it is but I can't take the song or video seriously.  The band already went through the "heck yeah super fun teenagers!" stage.  It feels stale and forced now.  The band's so much older; shouldn't they be acting it?  I hate to say it but they're not the same old young group they were back in the Underdog Alma Mater days. 

The song is just so overdone and generic.  I honestly cannot see the appeal of this tune.  There's no saving factor, no interesting hook, nothing that really kept me listening other than the fact that I was looking so hard for something that made it good.  It sounds just like anything else they've ever done.  I'm beyond disappointed.

I wasn't even intrigued enough to pay attention to the video.

It's that obnoxious 'Buzzworthy", MTV link.  http://www.mtv.com/videos/forever-the-sickest-kids/728634/shut-the-front-door-too-young.jhtml#id=1665068


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