Shins', 'Simple Song' Reviewed

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The Shins have at last posted a new song off their upcoming album ‘Port of Morrow’. ‘Simple Song’, as it is called, is a triumphant tune, with James Mercer’s familiar croon varying from a high-pitch to a deep tone, and some explosive instrumentation before some aah-aah back-up vocals.  

It is quite close to The Shins’ typical sound, although the music seems to be escaping the chiming signature sound of their first album, while being bolder and a touch more upbeat than usual. I don’t know exactly why I keep havinga sort of Fleetwood Mac vibe when I hear this vocal crescendo, but the track is definitively a grower. 

‘Port of Morrow’ will be available on March 20th,but you can preorder it right now on their website, and get the song now. 

Listen to it here:

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