Seth MacFarlane Song And Dance Man? Only In Hollywood…

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Last September I wrote this in my "Singles Going Steady" column: "Music Is Better Than Words – Seth Macfarlane – When you're rich and famous, vanity productions are taken seriously. So take this lousy American Standard album by the Family Guy seriously if you wanna. I'll pass. Grade: D+" A not inaccurate description of a momentously amateurish take on the great songs which must have had pros like Norbert Leo Butz rolling their eyes so far back in their head, he is lucky they didn't fall out and roll about.

Performing a brace of songs that are nearly impossible to screw up on, he screwed up on em by performing rote, tedious, irrelevant takes that nobody who performs these songs for a living would be allowed to perform, let alone record. Jack Phillips can't catch a break and this useless twit is doing song and dance with two guys and only one of the three have the slightest idea what they are doing? At the Oscars??? You wanna talk about the dumbing down of America? This is the stage that once had Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, now we have this joke? 

And people who should know much better are commending this second rate rubbish.

I don't give a fuck if stuff isn't politically correct, if it is funny laugh, if it isn't don't laugh. But music I care about and Seth was atrocious. He really has no idea what he is doing. I am not a huge fan of Michael Buble, but Buble is around a million times better that MacFarlane. Seth is to Cabaret what Paris Hilton is to EDM. And here he is on the world's biggest stage. It is baffling. Didn't anybody wonder why his album didn't sell anything? 

Incidentally, Family Guy hasn't been funny in years and years and "Ted" was pathetic. 

I wrote about songs that won the Oscar yesterday and look at it now? From 1935 to 1945 every song was a classic, from 2002 to 2013, two songs were greats.

Meh to the Oscars music, the wretched production  and the MCs (from Johnny Carson to James Franco to  Seth MacFarlane, the second rule of thermodynamics in action.


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