SENIOR SONG BOOK: Oldest Songwriting Team in Pop History is 2020’s Newest International Media Sensation

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CBS Evening News, Kelly Clarkson Show, Access Hollywood Applaud 102-Year-Old Lyricist and 88-Year-Old ‘Junior Partner’ for Inspiring a Legion of Older Fans:

It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams


It’s so inspirational and so cool. It’s a hit, y’all. I’m a big fan. This is the sweetest thing ever. I cannot stop crying. It’s so beautiful. You’re never too old to accomplish what you want to do.”

– Kelly Clarkson, to her talk show viewing audience


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PHILADELPHIA (Jan. 14, 2020) – Proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams, Alan R. Tripp102, and Marvin Weisbord, 88, have fast become media darlings as co-creators of 2020’s surprise hit album release SENIOR SONG BOOK – their first such effort, and a combined 190 years in the making.


Together, Tripp and Weisbord are inspiring generations of new fans around the globe through their sudden international celebrity as the oldest professional songwriting team in pop music history, while sales of the new album continue to spike as buzz of their invigorating accomplishment spreads.


Since the new year began, Tripp and Weisbord already have been featured on the CBS Evening News with Norah O’DonnellThe Kelly Clarkson ShowAccess Hollywood, and Access Daily. Those appearances follow year-end coverage from NPR All Things Considered, The Washington Post, People Magazine, CNN, CNBC, CTV, The Week, and so much more.


Singing superstar Clarkson was moved to tears while she spoke to Tripp and Weisbord as guests last week on her TV show, endorsing their project in the process.


“It’s so inspirational and so cool,” Clarkson declared. “It’s a hit, y’all.”


The rapid success and attention Tripp and Weisbord have experienced just since the album’s holiday season release is “more than we ever dreamed of,” Tripp told the co-hosts of Access Daily during a guest appearance last week. “We did it because we love the music, and the fact that people are buying and downloading our music is a wonderful surprise.”


These two elder statesmen have managed to capture in song the acumen and insight they’ve derived from their long, full lives. With SENIOR SONG BOOK, seniors who began coming of age with “the greatest generation” and lived through the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll no longer need to feel displaced and relegated to their old recordings. The eight-song collection, written expressly for seniors, by seniors, moves easily from swing to tango to rumba and beyond with big band style orchestration, brimming with music that will transport listeners back to the 1940s, with lyrics from a 2020s perspective.


“We found a secret,” says Tripp. “If you write music in the old style of the 1940s, the big bands, people love it. Not just older people, but also younger people. The lyrics are packed with reflections on living, on love, on loss, and we put those words to the old music. So we suddenly came up with eight songs and a whole album, and that got me in this trouble I’m in right now.”


Nowhere on SENIOR SONG BOOK is that better exemplified than in the chorus of the album’s hands-down favorite“I Just Can’t Remember Your Name”:


I know I ought to kiss you, but baby there’s an issue. I just can’t remember your name.

The buzz is starting to prompt coast-to-coast discussion about offshoot possibilities for SENIOR SONG BOOK, from a cabaret show to an inspirational TV show geared to seniors – and of course, the 2nd follow-up album.


That twinkle of humor in Tripp’s eyes carries to his overall views on life, longevity, and his own mortality. He says he has a message for seniors: “If you make excuses for being old, then you are too old. The most important thing in staying alive is to want to do something.”


Tripp only talks of retirement with forward motion, frequently espousing that one should never retire from something, only to something.


“I’ve already written the lyrics for the second album,” he offers. “It has a lot to do with staying alive and I want to share my secret, and teach people how they can do that.”


SENIOR SONG BOOK is available through, Amazon and all major digital destinations, as well as


Official Website:



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