Sam Huber’s “New York #1” Video Premiere Exclusively On rock nyc

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Finland is part of that entire Scandinavian music scene where EDM girls get serious about romance and dance with themselves in corners till the BPMs take them over… except for Rick Lover of the suggestively named Eternal Erection, breaking iced heat to the eternal whiteness that is Finland. Listening to early Eternal Erection, the exceptional On Tour is a good place to start, you can  hear the spliced out dark skin soul crew where you least expect it. By 2014’s It’s Easy, which leads twerkin’ back onto the dancefloor but more concerned with the hips than the booty, Lover is firmly rooter in the modern age. Exceptional, absolutely, but Rick Lover has hard more in mind.

Last year Rick Lover dropped the pseudonym and returned to a second home for the culturally adept man and legend, where he teamed up with True Groove Records for the release of Turn around, a three song EP, all great, but otherworldly on the anthem for a city that has a lot of them, “New York #1,” featuring a way out of his comfort zone Josh David. “Turn Around” the song had Funkadelic son Mike Hampton, and astute math rapper JSwiss, but “New York #1” has David Bowie circa “Fame” and “Fashion” tethered to the in the New York groove disco via Brooklyn. The song is wild, more out there than “Funky Bus Theme” –a groove and only a groove to die for, “New York #1” can’t stand still –it’s a chilled blissed out pullover to the bumper 75 tribute to our fine city.

But how can you make a video for the restlessness? With director Dylan Mars Greenberg’s steady hand, Huber and New York become a technicolor freak-out from the subways to the corridors of cultural hubris, Sam, with his bulldog visage and Josh David, a Rasta in the city, have their anthem of the city turned into them and away again. Dylan gloms onto the city as soundstage and improvisational party central that made his recent movie “Re-Agitator” so powerful: it is a vision of New York as excitable as the song and the city, where Sam gets down to a post-House disco funk out of the first order. Huber takes Manhattan and what fun it is…

Watch it here:


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