Sam Huber “Radio Friendly Enemy” Reviewed

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Sam Huber has been name dropped a lot here at rocknyc as of late and for good reason.  The former “Rick Lover” leader of the Eternal Erections has been marking his territory all over New York.

I had the pleasure of seeing this Finnish actor, singer, performer at The Bitter End (see review here) a few weeks ago.  With incredible energy and Jaggeresque strut Huber delivered this tune in a giant bowl of sweaty passion.

And so “Radio Friendly Enemy” is just that a giant bowl of sweaty passion.  Reggae music in general is designed to make you sweat.  A sensual vibe that gives an island breeze over dewy skin and waving palm trees and a hazy ganja induced dream state.  “Radio Friendly Enemy” induces that just enough to give you chill with a vengeance

When it comes to comparison I tend to overdo it.  With an artist such as Huber and Company there is no need.  They are unique in their presentation and live all the more so.  This particular track conjures up a drunken Bowie sitting in an retro No Doubt tune, well that is until Hawk Man (Garrison Hawk) steps in and throws it all in the air.  As ‘toaster’ (both live at the Bitter End and recorded) on this track  Hawk Man takes lifts you by your collars and brings you straight back to consciousness.  Your ears on alert as he scatters his words.  It’s a glorious energy spike in an otherwise swaying groove.

And Groove should be capitalized as the True Groove All Stars live clearly to their name in this track All Stars in their own right they support Hubers groan in fine fashion.  Sexy and dirty perfectly blended.

Produced by the legendary  Bill Laswell,  he mixes it all up and smooths it all out creating a song that will be on heavy repeat.  If only NYC could shake off this cold and match the heat of this song


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