Ryan Adams Says He Wrote New Songs? But Who Cares?

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Ryan Adams Wrote New Songs?

Ryan Adams Wrote New Songs


I don’t think this will be documented anywhere else because nobody cares about Ryan Adams anymore, not Pitchfork, not Rolling Stone, not Stereogum, not Consequence of Sound, nobody is going to mention it whereas they would have been the first to report about it 2 years ago. … Since the career of the singer-songwriter was canceled by The New York Times in February 2019 – everyone has heard about the story and the sexual harassment accusations – his name hasn’t been mentioned anymore except in articles reminding us how horrible Ryan Adams is. Because of this, three albums have never seen the light of the day: ‘Big Colors,’ which was due to be released on April 19th, ‘Wednesdays’, as well as another unnamed album, have been put on hold. This seems to be a lot of unreleased songs.

Since his official cancellation, Ryan Adams has only had his Instagram page to keep a very selective communication with his fans, very few comments are allowed, and I don’t blame him. He seems to have lived in perfect isolation, just like the rest of us, playing guitar live on Instagram, and posting cat pictures. But 2 days ago, there were some signs of new life:

‘5 new songs today. Not finished. Not shiny yet. Clunky but full of color and melody tripping all over itself.
But 5 new real, no BS songs that just fell right out of the acoustic guitar today, sitting outside nose to the breeze and they all sound just like nothing but me and this wooden machine. Sunlight, yellow and sky blue shadow.

I don’t remember the last time that happened. My heart is full.
I’m just leaving this mile marker here so I can look back and remember when my heart opened up again to what I love.
#songwriter #OOTD#GoneWithTheWind


And there was even more today:

‘When more than, say three songs happen to me at the same time (without trying or even wanting to try to write) I basically have to go fish out a new Song Book. It’s just how it is (even if it just turns out to be garbage, which more than not is the case) This the new one.
I have no idea what any of this will even become, if anything. I just know that now if I pick up the guitar, more songs happen every time. And I hear them even when I don’t play. Sometimes I wake up and start singing a melody from my dream while I feed the cats and I’ll have to go record a tiny bit on my voice notes or my boom box cassette recorder.

Anyhow. This is what my process starts like – and after page 2 (leaving plenty of space for the index ) I begin the individual lyric and chord pages for the songs.

So far my favorite is Blue Flowers.


#songwriter #Ootd


The photos above come from his Instagram page like the text above, and I wonder whether a musician can figure out anything based on the chord progressions written in the notebook? Ryan Adams seems to be in a creative phase, writing new songs, hopefully staying inspired. There are several questions, first, will these songs be released one day when three albums full of songs have already been put on hold? Then will these songs be some Fuck-the-Rain type of songs or When-the-Stars-Go-Blue type of songs?


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