Ryan Adams Returns To The Scene As Jesse Malin’s Guest At The Hotel Cafe

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Ryan Adams Returns

Ryan Adams returns to the scene with Jesse Malin


Ryan Adams returns to the scene! He made his first public appearance since the events that put him in disgrace at the beginning of last year. Jesse Malin was playing the Hotel Café and Ryan showed up to play quite a few songs with him. According to a fan, they did together ‘Queen of the Underworld’, ‘The Fine Art of Self Destruction’, ‘Wendy’, ‘Downliner’ and ‘Solitaire’. If this impromptu guest appearance was probably a big surprise for the crowd, you have to know that Jesse Malin has always been a great friend for Ryan, and has been supporting him on social media, despite the general backlash.

This same fan commented:’ There was a slight hush when he was introduced followed by some applause. It’s wasn’t exactly the best welcoming, but it wasn’t bad either. I’m just happy to see him put his foot out the door. I talked with Jesse for a while afterward and he was super cool. He said, “He’s my friend and I’m gonna support him”. Great night!’

Then he added ‘There was no heckling. Everyone enjoyed themselves and applauded. I think it was the original introduction that surprised people. This is the hopefully the beginning of his return!’

I am certain Jesse Malin knows what he is exposing himself to since a lot of people haven’t forgotten the one-year-old scandal, even though we have never heard back from this FBI investigation.

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