Ryan Adams On The Daily Show Performs “Blank Space”

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There is an amazing sense of what the heck does it all mean about 1989, a fast sweep through a hit album that was more than a hit album: it was Taylor Swift and 2014’s zeitgeist moment where the unholy Max Martin meets the holier than though Swift for a world championship bout that united the world in one thing only.

SNL, who don’t get much right nowadays, had an amusing trailer parody where everybody in the world joins team Taylor, enough of a reason to abdicate of course.

This is all an odd situation for me, of course, I’ve written so much about Taylor over the past seven years it is ridiculous, every album, every song, every show, circled close to the inner circle then got given the boot, and now she has become this huge rock star I find myself on my heels a little. I have an innate distrust of group think.

Maybe that is one reason I am so cold to the Ryan Adams, though not this song, and at least here he manages to add something to the flavor of the month. Ryan is aging really badly, he looks like a recovering alcoholic with a pudgy tired face. He is 40 years old but he looks 60 and he has an intensity that borders on the tedious. I really loved him circa Gold, but in 2015 that joke ain’t funny anymore…


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