Ryan Adams: 'Johnny Depp Is One Of The Deepest Guitar Players Out There'

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Ryan Adams, Jello Biafra and Johnny Depp in the studio

Ryan Adams continues to be in the news, he has two shows at the Wiltern in Los Angeles this week (a big deal) but he has also just announced a new 7”, entitled ‘No Shadow’, featuring Johnny Depp as Adams explained:

‘Johnny came rumbling into [Adams’ PaxAm Studios] one night with this riff and an idea of what it was about- a few hour later and one take on a 2 inch 24 track tape machine later we had No Shadow… typed up on my manual typewriter and born and delivered from a simple riff we found on his i phone. Johnny is a real songwriter and one of the deepest guitar players out there. Thats us singing and playing and playing all the parts ourselves with just our pal Marshal Vore on drums.

The B side is from the first night we met where all we did was play and didn’t say a word. This was the third thing we ever played together and there was no discussion. True rock and roll moments, as they should be, unfussy and delivered with all the heart and soul we had that night.

Track three is a little song I wrote about being stoned in the 7-11 parking lot across from Pax which is groundhog day for me and most that fly with us.’

The 7” has a 7-11-inspired art cover with a Marlon Brando picture, and was up for pre-order a day ago, but it has already sold out! But Johnny is one of the deepest guitar players out there? Oh I am certainly not someone who can judge such a thing, but since Ryan mentions to be stoned a bit later in the statement… So Depp wrote the song, the riff, or whatever, but this is still a Ryan Adams song? Adams and Depp are definitively buddies, not only Depp appears on Adams’ latest album (according to Pitchfork) but the actor joined Adams on stage in London to cover Danzig… well Johnny has been orbiting around musicians for a long time, and he works very hard at letting you know he hangs out with the coolest people: at the beginning of this year, he was chatting with no less than Iggy Pop for Interview magazine, declaring:

‘I’ve been playing a lot of music lately. It’s a real lifesaver, being able to focus on my first love. It’s freedom. And immediate – yeah, f**k, we captured it. I suppose that’s it, capturing something.

‘I’ve been writing and recording with Ryan Adams a lot lately. Ryan is incredibly prolific and he’s just a pure soul, he’s just this being. He’s got a great handle on it. And is taking good care of himself. But what a talent, man. I’m amazed by the f**ker.’

Of course, I haven’t heard the songs (they aren’t released) but I would bet they sound like a cross between something from Tom Petty and some other classic rock big name, Ryan seems to have follow this path lately… But I am not sure to like this Depp connection too much, Ryan is a big guy and he hangs out with whomever he wants to, but Depp has become such a cliché, at 51, he acts like Keith Richards, joins old punk-gothic-rock stars on stage whenever he thinks he could attract attention and appears drunk on stage to present some Hollywood Awards. Johnny Depp was cool 20 years ago but now he is desperately running after coolness and needs some fresh young blood because the Rolling Stones may be getting a bit too old after all? But what do I know, Johnny and Ryan are probably best friends.

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