Roy Orbinson Is Streaming At My house

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The Monumental Singles – Roy Orbinson – Sure, it's a pleasure to listen to the great man again. And in mono which must matter to somebody. Grade: B+ 

The Only She Project – Prefuse 73 – Soft but noisy tinkling tankling stiuff plus femail voives, electromagnetic studd. Good, for around 4 minutes and then a headache. So buy a song and hide it on a playlist. Grade: B

Hard Bargain – Emmylou Harris – In case you were wondering, yes, it all sucks.Grade: C

Join Us Ep – They Might Be Giants – I've never been a fan but I could be wrong. This is very catchy rock pop though it should be a touch better.Grade: B

Walls – An horse – It isn't just their name or the creepy cover of their album, there music is clacky indie soft peddling rock. Grade: C

Tha Funk Capital Of The World – Bootsy Collins – Nobody is gonna doubt the great bassists lustrous career, but on first spin I don't see that this adds much to the resume. Really? Cornel West and Al Sharpton? AThe Hendrix song is pretty good. Grade: B

Here Under Protest – Swinging Utters – "Here under protester: beefburgers". That's a funny line and the album is a strain of Cali, like the Vandals meets the Misfits.If the lead singer had a better voice they could break the local scene. Grade: B+

Augustana – Augustana – Pretty good rock ordinaire. grade: B

Borth This Way EP – Glee – I have no idea why the hottest band in the world are a buncha karoake singers.Incidently, they are much better ar Andrew Lloyd Webber then they are at Lady Gaga.The Sunset Boulveard cover is why  it's a  Grade: B not a C-

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