Ronnie Radke Falling in Reverse and Falling Into Madness

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 Ronnie Radke is on a slow decent into madness.  We have already done the jail time, the domestic abuse the flash ego the trigger temper… he’s out of his mind and we all get to watch.


The problem is I like his band and I like the genuine bad boy insanity.  It’s something missing in rock and roll so it’s good to see Radke meeting my expectations of true idiocy.


The latest morsels from As The Radke Turns are the dismissal of support act I See Stars from the Falling in Reverse Tour.   You saw the long rambling nonsense of a statement he made of drug use and bad behavior well… here’s the reply from I See Stars:

“We have been kicked off the Falling In Reverse Tour by Ronnie Radke. It has nothing to do with “drugs” or “being late” His statement is entirely false. An official statement from Sumerian Records showing the truth of why we were removed is coming. All emails and contracts have been documented and will be shown publicly in the response to Ronnie’s post. You will find out exactly what happened and you will be disgusted to say the least. We promise you us getting ejected today has absolutely nothing to do with his lies about drug use on the tour or being late. It has everything to do with Ronnie’s antagonistic violent behavior towards us, his ego, his malicious intent, his financial greed and his demands of no one being allowed to know the truth behind the scenes of this tour.”


What happened to  just duking it out in the parking lot? Now we all have to go spastic on Facebook with our tales of whoa.  This gets better though. Fans are now chanting and Radke’s shows with the fist pump of “I SEE STARS” and Radke is having them taken out of the venue.  How fun is that?!  Its megalomania to the extreme from a band that 90% of the world has never heard of.  This is what it’s all about kids, watching ego’s consume brains.

Summerian Records Statement:
Statement from Sumerian Records:

There is nothing cool, rock & roll, punk rock, or admirable about treating your peers or fans like they are pieces of garbage. Ronnie Radke is not a good human being. It’s one thing to love someone’s music, but do not love someone as an individual for who they are not. We do not think it is a coincidence this is the same guy who was arrested for the horrible, violent things you can read about in the links below. He cares about no one but himself and he has reminded us all of this. His latest tweet “people at our shows come to see us everything else is irrelevant. Nuff said.” is his way of telling all the other bands he tours with that they don’t matter. Why any artist would throw that type of negativity and disrespect out is something we will never understand. This scene is supposed to be about compassion and understanding. Ronnie is rotten.

Out of respect for the industry professionals involved in this debacle, we will not be publicly disclosing any legal documents on the internet. We can confirm that Ronnie kicked the band off the tour but allowed them back on after they forfeited their pay. We can confirm that they were being forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding this in order to stay on the tour. We can confirm that I See Stars were not kicked off yesterday in Detroit because of anything to do with drugs. It was because a grown man was throwing a temper tantrum who claims to be “rock & roll” but is actually worse than a neurotic pop-star diva with a God complex. Just because you no longer do drugs doesn’t mean you are no longer a horrible human being. Ronnie now abuses people instead of substances.”


Sorry for that box but that’s just how it goes when you’re cut and pasting and the website you're hacking it from wants attention.  Ronnie will come back of course because this is getting everyone much needed press but none the less.  Its pretty damn funny


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