Rolling Loud (The Hip Hop Festival At Citi Field) Performance And Stages

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I’m a definite pass on this one, I went to Citi Field for the 2016 ‘The Meadows Music and Arts Festival’ and despite going VIP found it unconscionable large, obstreperous, and cold, with concrete everywhere, zero sidelines, and a surging of thousands of people dashing round the parking lot (where it happens), racing from one stage to the other. I did get to see Pusha T from the stage. And I did get a good sightline for Chance (back when he was GOAT JV) on easily the best time I’ve ever seen him. West cut his set short (it was when Kim got mugged in Paris) but he was so bad -trying to adapt his set to not having a tilted stage, that I left early.

So I am missing this weekend at the scene of the crime, despite their being NINETEEN acts I wouldn’t mind seeing, although no acts I would truly love to see. If Kanye was showing up… but no, he isn’t so live through this. Besides which, the five I’d most like to see (A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Wu Tang Clan, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug) I’ve seen before. All of them. The top three a number of times).

The other problem is, they are living you too choose between, on Saturday, Playboy Carti and Lil Uzi Vert, and on Sunday Juice Wrld and Pusha T and Young Thug… and that’s just the most obvious. The truth is, they could have easily given a lot of choices if they started the big names earlier.

So I pass but if you have the energy don’t let my lameness affect you in the slightest. If you are a hip hop head, the line up is spectacular, except it probably doesn’t kick in till fourish, and will be a nightmare getting out…



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