Rocky Loves Emily: Hanging In The Basement With All My Friends The Space Hamden CT 2/7/11

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(Back When Mary was Magpie and fifteen years old…)

From the opening strains “Don’t Stop Believing” nailed by Stephen Hull on the mighty keyboards, the night took off like a bullet of fun and energy.

In the familiar and cozy Space, I was among the crowd and completely excited to see Rocky Loves Emily do their thing.  The band seemed equally as excited as us to be there, and they went up on stage chock full of enthusiasm.  Incredibly humble an glowing, they got up, picked up their instruments, and I had high hopes.

As they jumped in to their first song, I was mesmerized.  They played with such energy it was contagious.  To see this band that I’ve listened to for a while, and fell in love with, be so fantastic live was mind blowing,  Beyond truly impressed, I bopped along in the crowd and soaked it all in.  So lively and ecstatic and genuine- I felt the same way.

The boys definitely were having fun, it was obvious.  Lead singer Brandon Ellis,  would mention little comments in between songs saying how if there’s silence, he’ll just start to talk.  It was very funny and cute and it really portrayed how truly new they are.  They didn’t try to play it off or seem “cool” or impress anyone.  They wanted to have a good time and that was infectious.

They smoothly played through tunes like “American Dream” and “Clueless”, seemingly impressing the crowd with no effort.

I walked away from that show with a new found love for that band.  They’re phenomenal and can only go up from here.


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