rocknyc Is Hypocritical

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I have really socked it to rock mags, websites, whatever, for producing hows and currently find myself in the uncomfortable position of thinking about the same thing.
Woody Fuller and I have been trying to map out a rock nyc presents concert and that means paying bands. Something I reamed Pitchfork and others for doing it.
So what is my justification?
I have none. I've been running rock nyc for years and except for some very famous enemies, haven't made a thing out of it. Certainly no money. In theory at least, I would like to make money for my partners and my writers. So my options are very limited.
I would absolutely claim that a rock nyc presents is a substantially bigger conflict of interest than Pitchfork presents, if only because Pitchfork doesn't need SPECIFIC bands, they are too big to return favors. Rock nyc is not in that position.
So, we will see how it works out (probably won't happen) but just the attempt is a form of hypocrisy.

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