rock nyc’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration: Bruce Springsteen at the Super Bowl 2009, pictures taken by Bob Klein

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Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl 2009, by Bob Klein


(The first person other than myself to work on rock nyc was my business and long time friend, Bob Klein, who shot Bruce Springsteen at the 2009 Super Bowl rehearsals and allowed us to post his pictures. I heard that one of these pix actually ended up on Bruce’s wall -IL)

One of my favorite photographers is Bob Klein, a man who ridiculously shares this gift with friends and family only instead of the wider audience who would appreciate his unique vision of life as seen behind a camera. Bob doesn’t even have a website. These pictures were taken at rehearsals for Bruce Springsteen’s half time set at the Superbowl 2009.
Mr. Klein is a busy man but hopefully we will get him to share some more photos in the future. for now, please enjoy.






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