rock nyc Wishes You A HAPPY NEW YEAR… Make 2019 Get Its Mind Right

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Post Malone Gets His Balloons On!!


Who knows what tomorrow brings. Last New Year’s Eve,  the last thing I expected was that I would be here a year later, alone for the first time since 2009! That’s what makes life worth living… tomorrow truly never knows and the only constant is the changing of the world as people die and people are born…

My one hope is that I get to write more fiction, between August 2017 and December 2018 I wrote five short stories, even as my novel “Motel Memories” moves its tangled web to the end -probably by March., and I have begun a new story last week and have two more in the planning side. The thing about love is it takes so much of your time and when you are 62 you have limited energy, writing is just so important for me I’d give up everyone without a blink!

As for you,  I mean you, my friends and readers like James Reynolds and John Duffin, may we continue to honor the time you spend with us by writing on and on and on, until we die.

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