rock nyc Top 10 Songs w-o 3-17-14

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Saving the world one spy at all

Saving the world one spy at all

1. Waves – Sleeper Agent

2. Macarena – Miss Piggy

3. The Secret – Shit Robot

4. Be Brave – Sleeper Agent

5. Take It Off – Sleeper Agent

6. I Just Wanna Party – YG

7. Driver – Perfect Pussy

8. Grandma – The Floacist

9. High (feat. Danny Brown) – Freddie Gibbs

10. Make You Mine – Black Lips

Comment: The Miss Piggy song is very fun and very funny, but except for the Sleeper Agent this is a song per album type deal. Freddie, The Floacist, Perfect Pussy, Black Lips: not one of them has worked through an entire album.

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