Redemption Songs? Ryan Adams Will Release ‘Wednesdays’ At Midnight

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Redemption songs

Ryan Adams’ new album… redemption songs?


I was sarcastic when I asked if Ryan Adams could make a comeback. I obviously think he can come back, but I spend too much time on social media, and some of these people are not decided to forgive him. I even read someone saying that there was nothing, nothing that Ryan Adams could do to be forgiven. That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Especially because whatever happened is between Ryan Adams and the people he hurt, not between me/the fans and Ryan Adams. Can I forgive him? What a stupid question, I don’t have a relationship with him, I am just listening to his music.

Joe Coscarelli, the author of the New York Times article that canceled Adams’ career last year, even went after Red Light Management on Twitter when they signed the famous singer-songwriter last February: ‘Ryan Adams, who was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple female musicians a year ago (, has been added to the roster of Red Light Management, which reps Dave Matthews, Alabama Shakes, Phish, Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris & more,’ he tweeted. Was it necessary? The article had been out for a year at this point, and Coscarelli’s tweet sounded much more like a personal vendetta than professional journalism. Soon after that, Ryan Adams was dumped by Red Light Management.

The idea that the artist has to be a role model, an irreproachable character, has always sounded utterly ridiculous to me: great art precisely digs very deep into the most profound sins and the darkest sides of humanity. ‘It is with noble sentiments that bad literature gets written’ said Andre Gide, and it goes with any form of art. Whatever Ryan Adams did or didn’t do, he should not be persecuted forever, and his art should be released to the masses.

But Ryan Adams’ career is not canceled, we knew he would be able to release his material at some point. And the point has arrived, two snippets of two new songs from his upcoming album ‘Wednesdays’ have been posted on his social media, and apparently, the full album is already available on streaming platforms in Australia – a continent which is 19 hours ahead of California where I live! But the entire world should be able to listen to ‘Wednesdays’ at midnight on Friday if you believe Instagram.

At the news of the imminent release of the album, plenty of people inundated Adams’ Instagram/Facebook pages, asking to join groups on social media, some of the same people who had condemned Adams a year ago, Some of them were even blocked by Adams or whoever takes care of his socials. Did they change their mind? Is his art good enough for them now? Why are they craving the art of an indecent and immoral artist?

The first snippet lets us hear 40 seconds of an uplifting key-driven song, exuding an almost solemn or even gospel vibe (I hear some female warm and subtle backup voices) over visuals of a puff of smoke. Ryan Adams’ voice is clear and bright, singing with a signature hook ‘The long roads we took and the time we lost grieving/May your love finds its way back home again.’ It’s only a few seconds but it sounds like an instant classic, 40,000 views and not one bad comment cannot lie – unless the bad ones were removed, and that’s possible.

The second snippet, which was just posted today, has a Neil Young-esque harmonica with footage of a railroad track; it looks like an on-the-road introduction with a sweet folk guitar… there is not much there yet, but it is currently making people drool from anticipation. And looking at the comments of the few fans who were able to listen to all the tracks, the album is excellent.

If it is really the case, I hope the album is very successful, the fan base is still there, stronger than ever, hungrier than ever for new music. Could it be Ryan Adams’ redemption songs? History is full of redemption stories, America loves redemption stories, it’s the perfect myth, and the perfect happy ending.



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