Reasons To Be Cheerful Part Four: The World Is In The Midst Of A Catastrophe Of Epic Proportions, Why Don’t You Get Back Into Bed?

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As a realist veering towards the optimist, no personal disaster has occured to me I hadn’t prepared myself for, and with that in mind with a million people infected, the Coronavirus makes it difficult to see the positive side of anything. Yet, it could be a whole lot worse once you start to think about it.

As Ian Dury taught us, there are always reasons to be cheerful, or at least not in the black hole we feel as though we are living in:

1 –  And most important, Enemy Radio/Public Enemy dropped a terrific new album this morning Loud Is Not Enough, 32 minutes of Chuck D spotting out ace agitprop, and it must please Chuck very much because it is beyond prescient, especially that what are you gonna do when your money’s gone (Grade: B+)

2 – 2% death rate is horrifying. Now imagine 30% or 50% -if and when it happens all this horror will be BENEFICIAL as we know exactly how to respond

3 – This is the worst situation facing the planet since WWII with one BIG difference, instead of killing each other every step of the way, the countries are essentially united. It is the opposite of war in many ways.

4 – It is all an astonishing experience, we watch in a mix of horror and awe but you can’t stop staring at the numbers. In a month the entire world changed, the way we deal with each other in society is different, our fears of each other, the way we walk… if you didn’t see it you might very well never believe it. It is an ultimate theatre of the real, a real live dystopian nightmare where we just step back and watch. And where that is all we can do.

5 – Every generation needs its defining moment, this is ours. More than 9-11, more than Korea or Vietnam, this defines who we are. We are the people they will be writing books about

6 – It will end. Not by the end of April, but end of May? June? We will be back at work (if we have work, but this is reasons to be cheerful). Also, thank goodness for the Great Depression, which taught us what to do.

7 – It changes how we are as family units, how we live together and take care of each other. Improves it? I dunno but when I see middle aged daddies with their sons on Tik Tok I think, maybe.

8 – Health Workers are the Fire Departments of 2020, they are our heroes. My nephew has been pulling down 36 hour days, if that isn’t heroic, what is?

9 – It looks like John Prine will pull through!

10 – 2021 should be one of the most fascinating years of all times.

11 – Thank God for the Internet… social distancing would be impossible without it…

12 – a new BABY BOOM!!!

And finally, when all else fails listen to Ian: why don’t you get back into bed?


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