Rage Against These Rage Against The Machine’s Ticket Prices

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Rage Against Rage Against the Machine

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine


The tickets for the upcoming Rage Against the Machine tour are on sale and the outrageously high prices are making a lot of people angry… as usual. When are we going to understand the system is broken?

Tom Morello tweeted the following in the middle of the afternoon:

‘The MOST expensive ticket for ANY Rage Against The Machine/Run the Jewels headline show is $125 US (plus service fees) with the exception of CHARITY tickets where 100% of the additional proceeds go to charity. ANY other ticket at ANY other price is from SCALPERS.’

But this shows how little he is connected to the problem or how much he is willing to ignore it. If you go to RATM website and click on any of the dates proposed, you are lead to Ticketmaster which offers prices way above the $125 announced by Morello. There’s nothing below $400-500 and the highest prices are insanely high, as expected. Ticketmaster is actually linked to one of these reselling sites, because they are basically the same business, and we have to stop blaming the so-called ‘scalpers’ when the ticket selling systems, whether it is Ticketmaster or AXS, are the actual scalpers.

Why is this self-proclaimed revolutionary band still using this broken system when they know 90% of the tickets are currently going to be directly transferred to Vividseats to be resold 2 or 3 times the original price? Why are these bands still using this system which is ripping off people? Is it that difficult to come up with another way to sell tickets?

Last time I bought a ticket from a resale site, Vivid seats told me my ticket would be delivered by Flash Seats but it was actually sent by AXS itself. I asked the customer service why it was the case and I was told that AXS and Flash Seats were the same company. Isn’t it the proof that we have been lied to? That the good old scalper standing at the door of the venue is something of the past, the scalpers are Ticketmaster and AXS which transfer a good amount of tickets to Vividseats and other reselling sites way before the show is sold out, while publicly criticizing the practice and blaming ‘the scalpers’ and the ‘bots’… Don’t you think they could have stopped this a long time ago if they weren’t the ones stealing our money? This is about making a profit, this is the capitalist machine, something RATM is supposedly fighting against…

I am asking Tom Morello to consider articles like this one or this one which proves my point, scalpers are working with Ticketmaster. But he probably knows about it, so why is RATM directly working with a scalping system?

I know there’s no alternative to TM, It’s Live Nation which owns TM and the venues the band is playing are handled by these mega companies. But people are not happy, and they would expect Rage Against the Machine to be fighting the machine rather than playing with the machine… What about taking that power back? If only they would still believe what they are singing.


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