Radiohead Gets Hacked, But Releases The OK Computer Tapes Instead Of Paying the Ransom

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As usual, Radiohead is turning an act of felony into a class act. On Tuesday morning, Jonny Greenwood posted this on social media:

‘We got hacked last week –someone stole Thon’s minidisk archive from around the time OK Computer, and reportedly demanded $150,000 on threat of releasing it.

So instead of complaining – or ignoring it, we’re releasing all 18 hours on Bandcamp in aid of Extinction Rebellion.

Just for the next 18 days. So for £18, you can find out if we should have paid that ransom.

Never intended for public consumption (though some clips did reach the cassette in the OK Computer reissue) it’s only tangentially interesting. And very, very long. Not a phone download. Rainy out, isn’t it though?’

This message was posted with two links, where you can find the download and, the website of the international movement using peaceful civil disobedience ‘to fight the climate and ecological emergency and protect biodiversity and atmospheric health’.

The story is simple, Radiohead is releasing the tapes instead of paying the ransom, and they are giving the profits to a climate activist organization, a cause which has always been in the mind of Thom Yorke and his bandmates.


This message was also posted by Thom:

‘we’ve been hacked
my archived mini discs from 1995-1998(?)
it’s not v interesting
there’s a lot of it

if you want it, you can buy the whole lot here
18 minidisks for £18
the proceeds will go to Extinction Rebellion

as it’s out there
it may as well be out there
until we all get bored
and move on


I have barely started listening, it will take a while, well 18 hours in total! And be careful, this is not a phone download indeed, because the MP3 download is 1.8GB in size!


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  1. Mark Reichenbach

    There really are some gems in here! I have the FLAC version at 5.8 gigs and the sound quality is great!


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