Prolific Prince; Kris and Ethan and country music

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I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the new prince “Lotus Flower,” triple for awhile but not wanting to blow $70 online and with no “Target” stores in NYC it had to wait till a trip to orlando this weekend.

And I’m not really ready to discuss it yet.

But i am ready to think about Prince.

Look at Prince this way: just about everything he released from theR&B debut “For You” thruLovesexy” are must owns and then its every man for himself and god against all.

“Emancipation” is the template for his post-80s material: a coupla masterpieces, a coupla covers worth hearing, and a lotta jams. The complaint is obvious: keep the jams in your sox draw, work on your quality control, etc. but when he releases a single album the quality STILL ISN’T THERE.. when he releases a triple you get an albums worth, when he releases a single you get three songs. Great live but.

I read Ethan Hawke’s (Ethan is a fine actor by the way, completely mesmerizing in Stoppard’s “Coast Of Utopia” at the Lincoln) Kris Kristofferson interview in Rolling Stone. I am a big country fan and have worshipped Hank Williams since I saw “The Last Picture Show” at the tender age of 13; but I am a particular country fan, Haggard, George Jones, Jennings, Cash (June Carter, John and Rosanne -not to mention Carlene Carter so good at Joe’s Pub earlier this year and the carter family) even Brad Paisley (so much fun opening for Loretta Lynn at the Town Hall), Patsy, so on and so forth but I don’t much care for Willie or Kris.

But I’ve been changing my mind about Kris. First, he was a revelation with an acoustic guitar opening for George Jones at Carnegie Hall on Halloween 2006 and next Ethan does everything a writer should do in his article. So I went to itunes and bought everything I didn’t have and really I guess I was asleep on this one. Unfortunately he played in town last week and I didn’t bother. Anyway, the stone issue is still out and read it and before that buy “If You Don’t Like Hank Williams” (you can kiss my ass).”

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