Pity Sex "Wind Up", Video Review

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Run For Cover Records latest darlings Pity Sex have released a video for the single “Wind Up’. This my friends is whats up with music today.  The scruffy plaid and thrift shop scene is alive and well and playing video games (shout out to Title Fight- yeah I caught that)

The problem with the college kid scene is its a group that is as annoying as it is intriguing.  Back when the word meant something, they were ‘hipsters’, now?  Now hipsters are just any white kid with stubble and plaid and any chick in creepers and a house dress under the age of 24. Pit Sex has a fun name and a chick in the band so they have it all covered.

The video?  Its a bore.  Whiney assholes doing the nerd moves at night.  The photography is average the concept… well I suppose some will like it, but it was useless and I hope the budget was light cuz their funds should be put toward music and not visual.  They’re not look worthy.

But before the co-eds come at me waiving their latte’s I have to say that Pity Sex is one of the best new bands of this genre.  Even when the chick (who deserves a name check Britty Drake) sings- its lovely.  The tune “Keep” is lovely. That whole whisper bit of vocals works really well.  The music is consistent and strong and the periodic change in vocal mood is fab.  Even “Drown Me Out” combines an almost grunge sound with Brittys subtle background.  It works and I like them.

This is another example of band I dont want to look at but that I want to hear.  I see them and think obnoxious twenty somethings who I want to punch in the face.  Yet when I skip the vid and images and simply listen- I find  engaging and refreshing.

The album “Feast of Love” is fantastic  Listen

The video for “Wind Up” sucks monkey wang.

Video can kill the radio star, if radio doesn’t kill them first.


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