Paul Thomas Anderson’ s Production Asked Me To Remove My Post

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Paul Tomas Anderson

Photo taken during the shooting of  Soggy Bottom by Paul Tomas Anderson


Last weekend, I went to the set of ‘Soggy Bottom, the movie that Paul Thomas Anderson is filming in the San Fernando Valley. I didn’t have some inside information, I just found the shooting location on social media, it was not very hard… I took some photos and a 17-second video that I posted with my article, and since I had already done a similar thing during the shooting of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ 2 years ago, I didn’t think it was a big deal. This time, I couldn’t get very close, and I shoot these photos from the distance, in a large open green field.

However, I was very surprised to receive this email from Soggy Bottom Enterprises, last night:

‘I’m writing on behalf of Soggy Bottom Enterprises to ask, respectfully, that you remove all photos/videos you took on the film set on 10/11/2020 from both Reddit and Instagram. The production is attempting to keep a low profile during this shoot and trying not to draw more attention to ourselves during the COVID pandemic. I hope you can understand that our goal is to finish this as safely and quietly as possible, therefore we’d really appreciate the removal of everything you’ve posted as soon as possible.’

I obviously took the post down, as well as the photos and video I had posted on social media, I don’t want to upset Paul Thomas Anderson’s production or be the source of any problem, but I have my doubts regarding the reason they are giving. Again, I was very far when they were filming and I didn’t reveal the location of the shooting (just said somewhere in the valley), whereas fans can easily found information on Twitter or Instagram. Then, before this night scene, I spent some time in front of the complex, standing in the parking lot of a public and very popular place, where plenty of people were going in and out during the entire time. The movie extras, who were also going in and out of a side of the same building (turned into a restaurant for the film), were actually much closer to the public than I ever was. With all the equipment around, people had to see a movie was shot, and with the yellow sign ‘Soggy Bottom’ planted at the entrance, there was no secret.

Plus, the Daily Mail and TMZ have already posted plenty of details about the movie, with close-ups of the actors starring in the movie… I am also aware of someone who posted great photos from another shooting which took place in Canoga Park last month, and the photos are still there.

I wonder if fans and publications have also received a similar email and have ignored it? But I was right about calling the shooting ‘mysterious,’ as Paul Thomas Anderson and his production truly wants to keep some secrecy around this movie, whether COVID-19 is really the reason or not.

Note: The photo above is not mine, I have found it with a simple search on Google.

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