Patti Smith: OVER RATED

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OK, I give up.

I’ve tried to be nice for decades now but Patti Smith SUCKS.

Here is her career: one great song, “Piss Factory”, one greatest album of all time contender Horses, another great song “Rock N Roll Nigger”, another great song with Bruce, “Because The Night”, excellent backing vocals on R.E.M.’s last perfect moment “E-Bow The Letter” and a deeply felt left field later career classic “About A Boy”. A Poem here and there. And that’s it. 

And she has been shoving it down our throats for decades.

Fucking Sam Sheppard doesn’t make you a playwrite, having kids with Fred “Sonic” Smith doesn’t make you a a groupie and having Dylan tune your guitar doesn’t make William Burroughs.

Last night there was a terrible P.O.V. documentary on PBS “Dream Of Life” about Patti. An unwatchablly flaterring portrait of the artist as an artist. Around twenty minutes in I turned it off… Is this what we want to do with our heroes? Lie about em? Fuck this shit.

14 Responses to “Patti Smith: OVER RATED”

  1. Freakin’ Michelangelo

    1st of all, regarding the picture accompanying the article – For GODS sake get dressed! Now throw out the word, “artist”. They hang that label on anyone now. TIME magazine Feb 25 2019 – “ 34 People Changing the Way we See the World”. There are millions and millions that hide under that big protective “Artist” umbrella. Patti Smith : shitty singer, shitty guitar player, and ugly as mud fence.

    • Benny J

      If being ugly is a reason for being a shit artist then you, your mother and Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are shit artists too.

  2. H M

    Thank you thank you THANK YA
    Please write about more over rated bullshit some boomer writer thought would make him relevant &cool. My kid was watching cbgb movie he said why do people think the ramones and patti smith were gods? I had no answer her version of Dancing Barefoot is torture i prefer U2s cover. As for the ramones they were the biggest cookie cutters like they read a book on how to be punk and they all wore the same clothes all had the same hair cut & just to add to it same last name conform much?
    There are soo many boomer hype actors musicians etc. im glad some else put it online.
    Statt with James Dean and end up with Warren Beatty. Oh legends why?

    • LaRock

      Loser, you know nothing of which you speak. You lost all credibility after the word boomer.

  3. Benny J

    You just said she had three great songs and a great album. So is she shitter than your music career?

  4. Crimsonwolf

    Patti Smith was a social climbing, name dropping, self indulgent no talent that was declaring
    herself a major talent and world class poet while delivering boring fake “beat poetry”. She is the definitive poser. Check out her mindless phony dribble at the beginning of Scorsese’s Dylan film “Rolling Thunder Revue”. Queen of punk? PLEEEEZE! Rather an old hippie junkie who probably
    sucked her way to…. where ever she got to.
    Don’t get me started on Lou Reed. He would have disappeared if it had not been for John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Nico, David Bowie, Mick Ronson and Quine & Saunders. He coasted on the VU albums for his whole life while turning out the equivalent of musical Emperor’s new clothes. Smith and Reed were famous for being famous and for who they hung out with. For every good (or even fair) song either of them did, there were 15 outright turds that they laid.

    • Shneur Menachem Schmulewitz

      I am watching that part of Rolling Thunder Revue as we speak, and it’s just amazingly awful. I had to google “patti smith sucks” as an outlet for my emotions. After seeing that performance I will no longer be able to pretend that she’s anything but a talentless pretentious poser. I intentionally limited my awareness of what a hack she is for a long time just to avoid the many tedious annoying arguments with girlfriends that I know would’ve been the result.

      • Brienne

        Thank you all! Tried reading ‘Just Kids’ and realized she’s actually just the worst. Her writing blows, I don’t give a fuck about anything in the book- despite most of the people mentioned being legends and heroes of mine. She’s a name dropper and a braggart and really just talentless.

  5. Strang

    She comes across as a “scene” parasite. Such a cringing moment to watch her perform and act as a Rimbaud widow in Rolling Thunder Revue.

  6. Steven Saied

    Artist? Just about everyone on the planet could be called an artist but it doesn’t make them a great artist.. I don’t get Patti Smith either and I’ve been involved in music since I could barely walk.. I just don’t see the attraction. U2 sucks too by the way.., especially the Edge.. Really? how pretentious to give yourself a name like that when you really just rely on a wall of sound effects and can only play with one finger..

    Anyway, back to Patti.. Her lyrics aren’t all that thought provoking or all that great in my opinion. Her lyrics don’t feel authentic and it’s almost like she just wanted to stir the pot..get noticed because she was probably bullied as a child. An artist shouldn’t have to force thought provoking lyrics. It’s feels fake… I don’t care for her music either but I do have to say the mixes on the albums were very well done, especially considering when these were recorded. Supposedly it opened the door to new engineering methods and techniques. This has nothing to do with her music, lyrics or arrangements mind you.. It’s the sonic quality and engineering of those albums. Otherwise, she got extremely lucky making it as a music artist…


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